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Mandy Bray

Content Writing

From algorithm changes to limited resources, much is out of your control when planning and executing a content strategy. In the chaos of an evolving industry, here’s what I know works. 

People don’t buy from brands, they buy from people. And you need a person to tell their stories. My clients trust me to tell their stories and go below the surface of a topic. 

Through my services, I solve capacity issues for you and bring clarity and expertise to growing brands. I integrate stories and first-person perspectives to lead with authority. As a strategist, I always think about more than just the words on the page— I’m planning how your ecosystem of content will connect and drive growth.


What people are saying

“Mandy is a top-notch content writer who I have had the pleasure of working with for almost two years. Her pieces always show a dedication to research. When she reaches out to experts, she finds sources with valuable insight for our readers. Any post I throw at her gets done with precision. She's a great asset to our team and any team.”

- Kaitlin Milliken, Program Manager and Content Editor, HubSpot

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Writing about:

My Approach

Growing up surrounded by other cultures, I learned empathy and curiosity. I’m a journalist at heart, unafraid of data. (I always have just one more question!)


To stand out, I lead with authority and real-world examples, building on expert interviews and perspectives.


I help clients build an audience by turning their vision into powerful content. Content has a flywheel effect to build loyal fans and a pipeline of leads and growth. I solve capacity issues and bring clarity and expertise to growing brands.

My Services

Blog Content

Guides/White Papers/Ebooks

Content Refreshes

Case Studies

Brand & Style Guides

Email Newsletters

Instructional Content

Why work with me?

“I have been working with Mandy on content for close to a year now. She is a well-versed professional with high-quality, well-researched content that I can always trust is both on time and well-written.


I never have to chase her down for a deadline and our editor loves to work with her because her content is clean, cited correctly, and follows the instructions we provide her. I would highly recommend Mandy if you are considering her for any of your writing and communications projects!”

- Michelle Brammer, Director of Marketing, GaggleAMP

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