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Freelance Content Services: Getting Started

I’m thrilled to be starting this journey with you. I’ve been a freelance writer for three years and a content strategist for over a decade. Over this time, I’ve developed a process for discovery and onboarding that will help us explore partnership options and kickstart a successful working relationship.


I can work with clients in one of two ways. One way is project-based, where I contract with you on individual projects as needs arise. This is best suited for short-term projects or individual assignments where you need extra capacity. The second is contract or retainer-based, where we agree to a certain number of deliverables per month for me to create. This second approach helps me to dive deep into your brand, plan content farther in advance, and ensure that I always carve out time for you in my schedule.

Here is my client onboarding and discovery process:


  1. Questionnaire: You'll complete a questionnaire to help me understand your goals, your brand, and your project needs.

  2. Intro Call: I will schedule an introductory call to get to know you and ask questions to form a scope of work.

  3. Proposal: I’ll share with you a proposal with a scope of work and pricing

  4. Agreement: I’ll ask you to sign the proposal and take care of any formalities on your end.

  5. Onboarding: I’ll set up shared Google drive folders and request your brand and style documents and any other discovery materials I need to learn your voice.

  6. Begin work!



Overall, I would expect this process to take at least 10 days from first contact to being ready to begin work. At times, I am booked out in advance and may not be able to begin work until a later date, but this would be communicated in our first conversation.


What does my discovery process look like?

My discovery process starts from our first point of contact and continues through our first project together. To learn your brand and provide you the best possible content, I may request the following information:

  • Brand, Style, and Voice Guides (If you don’t have these, it’s a service I offer and highly recommend!)

  • Customer/audience personas

  • Keywords

  • Website analytics


Please complete the questionnaire below to get started. I look forward to learning more about you and helping to drive results for your brand!

Potential Client Questionnaire: Let's get to know you

This questionnaire will help me understand your needs, your possibilities, and your upcoming projects.  

Which services are you interested in exploring?
Thank you for your submission! I’m sharpening my pencils with excitement and will be in touch very soon.
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