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Explmore & Strangers Like Angels

Explmore is a lifestyle and travel community whose passion is to inspire, encourage, and curate life-changing adventure. Explmore is inspired by the book Strangers Like Angels: With a Devil or Two to Boot, authored by the founder’s parents. Strangers Like Angels tells the story of Jan and Alec Forman’s 14-month, 40,000 overland journey across 29 countries in the couple’s Land Rover Series III in 1977-8. 



Explmore took advantage of the pause in global travel during 2020 to re-evaluate its branding, business model, and website. The company wanted to hone its mission, vision, and value proposition and to launch a community publication to help build an audience of travelers and overlanders. I collaborated with the founder to build a content strategy to drive website traffic, attract and retain members, and drive e-commerce sales.


Explmore Mantra

Based on interviews with the founder, I suggested updates and rewrites to explmore’s mission and purpose statements. I helped define the three pillars of explmore’s mantra: explore more of the world, engage with others, and embrace global cultures.


Explmore Website Copy

I wrote SEO-driven copy for all pages of, including its shop for branded apparel. The website re-launched in late 2020.


Today's Explorers

To build a global community, explmore’s founder envisioned an online publication that would tell stories of adventurers past and present. To accomplish this, I ghostwrote six long-form blogs based on his parents’ story and book. Each blog incorporated anecdotes from their travels, tips for travelers, and blending overlanding nostalgia with current trends in adventure travel. For research, I dug into the book Strangers Like Angels: With a Devil or Two to Boot and interview transcripts from authors Jan and Alec Forman. I also researched the history of and current trends in overlanding.


Strangers Like Angels Book Website

Lastly, I wrote SEO-driven copy for the updated book website,, to increase book sales and visibility. My writing included new author bios, promotional copy for the book’s upcoming audiobook in podcast form, and chapter descriptions for each of the book chapters for the podcast.

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