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Creativa App Prototype

Creativa is an app prototype that I created for ElevenFifty Academy’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp.


Many want to make focus time for arts and crafts in their lives but fail due to distractions from screens and overwork, and a lack of creative community. Creativa helps people fuel their artistic sides by providing daily creative prompts with inspiration and accountability from a community of makers.

User Flow: Join the Maker Movement


User Research

I had about four weeks to develop the concept and Creativa prototype for ElevenFifty. Once I had the initial concept, I researched competitor products on the market and conducted qualitative user research via Instagram and user interviews. From the research, I was able to write an empathy map, user personas, and user flows. 


Branding & Design

I used an iterative process to select a name, logo, and color palette for Creativa and sketched out wireframes by hand before beginning a digital design. Once these components were in place, I designed the prototype frames using Figma, with versions for both mobile and desktop. I used key colors to signify different modes for the app: blue for inspiration, purple for creating, and red for groups.



UX Writing

Using the empathy map and user personas as a guide, I wrote copy for the setup wizards and buttons that was conversational, encouraging, and direct.


User Testing

Once a draft was ready, I user tested the prototype with various artists and UX/UI Design mentors. From the feedback, I made a few key adjustments, such as adding titles to each work for both accessibility and visual cueing for audio uploads such as music.

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