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Mandy Bray UX and Website Writing

Websites & Landing Pages

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Freelance Content Writing

Content Writing

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Meet Mandy Bray


Curious, creative, collaborative.

I'm Mandy Bray, a freelance writer and content strategist. Born in Nashville but raised in Scotland and Germany, I carry a global perspective to every aspect of my personal and professional life. I love to read and listen, whether long-form journalism, fiction, poetry, or podcasts. 
I graduated from Colorado College with majors in Creative Writing and International Affairs and hold a certificate in UX/UI Design. In addition to freelance writing, I have worked in a variety of marketing and communications roles for two global franchise brands, a creative agency, and a university.

When I'm not writing for clients, you'll find me reading, cooking, or finding a new trail. The place I currently call home is Indianapolis, where I live with my husband, family, and dogs.

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